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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Texas Roemers will be coming to an end in the near future. We shall now be the "Other Minnesota Roemers." A month and a half short of a twenty year employment with the Boy Scouts of America, John has turned in his notice. He has accepted a job in Waconia, Minnesota. John, Rylee, and Spike will be in MN by the end of the month. I will stay behind to look after the house as we prepare it for market and of course there is a lot of packing to be done. I will have Chopper and Harley to keep me company. The few people I've told have been very concerned about me being all by myself. Let me reassure everyone, I will be fine! I will have so much to do I won't have time to think. This is only temporary and I know even if it is months before I'm in Minnesota the time will fly by.

This job practically fell in John's lap through some very special friends. And these friends are helping us out by letting John, Rylee, and Spike crash at their place until there is a house or apartment for us to go to. Take the word 'grateful', now super-size it, cover it in glitter, make it flash like a neon light on the Vegas strip, make it smell like bubble-gum, and make it taste like chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven and you still wouldn't be able to describe the level of gratitude we have towards our friends!

This next year is going to be nuts. We know that. But we also know being near family is worth any stress we may encounter on this next adventure. We have really enjoyed Texas. We have made so many wonderful friends in Texas. We have been blessed beyond words by the best neighbor on the planet. For crying out loud we didn't just build the house we have lived in, we got married in the back yard! We brought Rylee home to this house. I hope no one we're leaving behind thinks leaving Texas is no big deal for us, it is a very big deal.

We are so excited for the opportunity to have Rylee grow up near family. Not being near family has been something that has broken my heart since the day she was born. We have wanted her to know her family, but also for her family to know her. Not only will we be closer to John's family, we will be closer to my sister and her husband. They live in Iowa and are under three hours away. My sister and I have not lived in the same state since around 2000. I'm so excited for the relationship between my sister and I to grow even more than it already has in the last year simply because I will actually be able to meet up with her and hang out!

So I don't have a lot of details right now, but when I know more I will be happy to share it with you because I know there's lots of family and friends who want to know what the next step is for us. We would really appreciate your prayers right now. Pray that the house sells for a decent price, we will be losing money on it due to the economy. Pray that I find a job that doesn't just pay what I need but that I would enjoy as well. Pray that our stress level doesn't break our spirits. I hope you understand when I ask for your patience if I don't have answers to your questions. There are still so many things I don't know how will work out but I have faith that the Lord will take care of us, just as He ALWAYS has.

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