Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's More Than a Building

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This morning on the way to Rylee’s school, Rylee asked, “Mom, can I hug my school?”
I said, “You could try, but it might be a little difficult because it’s a building.”
John said, “Your teachers are what make your school special, so you could give them a hug.”
I added, “And say thank you to them since you like your school so much.”
Rylee whined, “But I want to hug my schooool!”
John said, “Well we tried.”

We pulled up to the school and John walked Rylee in while I waited in the car. (She’s less distracted if just one of us takes her in.) I watched her follow behind John towards the door but then she paused. She turned towards the brick building, stretched out her arms, and pressed herself against the rough exterior. She hugged her school. I burst out laughing and hoped John saw it too. I called my mom right away to tell her what Rylee had done. John got back in the car and told me he saw it too.

This wasn’t just a something that a vivacious and loving three-year old did to be funny. Rylee has that kind of heart and personality. She shows great enthusiasm for the things she likes. I was once again reaffirmed of the decision John and I made to put her in this school. The only down side to the school we’ve seen is that she will have to leave after kindergarten.

I prayed two things at that moment.

One: that she would continue to love school/learning for the rest of her life.
Two: that she would continue to not be afraid to express her feelings no matter how silly they may seem to others.

Of course I want her to guard her heart and not give away to the wrong people and places, but I want her to keep that enthusiasm and share it with others forever.

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