Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Top 20 Texas Moments

I started making a list before I left Texas of my favorite moments while in Texas. They aren't necessarily in the order of importance, just the order they popped into my head.
1. Building our first home.
2. Getting married.
3. Rylee was born.
4. Two Flip-Flop parties. If you were there, then you know why these are on the list.
5. My 30th birthday.
6. Fossil Rim - every visit was special.
7. Surprise road trip for John on Father's Day to the Salt Lick BBQ and then the Dublin Dr. Pepper Tour.
8. Schery calling into Mix 102.9 so I could win Dave Matthews Band tickets.
9. Rylee walking over to me to give me my Mother's Day card.
10. Getting squirrel ring from Schery. It was so unexpected.
11. Winning tickets to see U2 at Cowboys Stadium. John really needed that!
12. Rangers making it to the World Series in 2010, the whole neighborhood was cheering.
13. Getting COACH purses from Julie. I felt so fancy!
14. Cowboys home opener with Chantel.
15. Every Marti Halloween Parti
16. Getting picture on the bull with Chantel. The picture tells the whole story.
17. Every visit from Joy.
18. Getting my Texas Flip-Flop tattoo with Chantel.
19. Best surprise party ever thrown for me right before I moved.
20. Luci throwing a cookie at a possum. (Yea, you made the top 20 Luci.)
This list doesn't include things I'll miss about Texas. That list is huge and I should really go to bed.