Monday, July 29, 2013

Life is Full of Awesome

My emotions may be getting the better of me as I am nearing the end of my pregnancy.  I am torn between trying to savor the feelings of being pregnant for the last time and wishing it was over with already.  I am content with having two kids.  I am not okay with being pregnant any longer.  It takes a toll on my body that I just never fathomed.  That's not to say it's like that for everyone, so please don't let my pity party prevent you from getting knocked up if that is what you desire.

One week to go and Jack will be here!

I have been without decent sleep for months.  I am so blessed to not have to go sit in a cubicle all day in the midst of this gestational torture.  I asked God over and over again to bless me with another baby, so I try really hard not to complain about my lack of energy and constant aches.  I will admit, I have on occasion called and whined to my mom.  If I couldn't do that, I wouldn't have made it this far.  She's my mom, she's sympathizes when I need it, that's part of her job.  I've cried to my husband too of course.  He's been, as cliche as it sounds, my rock.  He's done so much around the house and not forgotten to tell me how it will all be okay.

In the midst of the most emotional year of my life, I have been blessed so many times, I've lost count.  Between friends coming to visit Minnesota for no other reason than to be with me after my brother passed away and receiving countless gifts for a baby who hasn't been born yet, I have been overwhelmed by it all.  The way friends have expressed how happy they are for my family has had the greatest impact on me by far.  The gifts are wonderful, but the support is what has sent me into tears over and over again.  Yes, I've got the hormones running a marathon through my veins, but these tears have come from a thankful heart.

The latest package received in the mail wasn't for Jack, it was for me.  It was a mesh-mash of stuff that had my name written all over it.  Though the presents were fun, the note that accompanied it did me in.  Sometimes it's hard to wrap your brain around how you so effortlessly became friends with someone in the first place, but you are so thankful you did.

My friend JoAnna, or as I like to call her, JoAwesome, is someone I met through my previous job in insurance.  We met in Boston during the most boring training ever.  When we started to chat I knew instantly she was the kind of woman I could rely on if my bra strap broke in public.  I told her this right away.  If it happened, I don't know how we would fix it, but she would be the one to turn to.  I think her wheezing laugh is what cemented my love for her.  She thought I was funny and I thought the same of her.  The emails exchanged during training had me biting my tongue on more than one occasion so as not to burst into hysterical laughter.  I know I had to excuse myself to the restroom at least once so I would have an accident.  Good times, good times.

We asked for a "Boston" drink, the bartender gave us "The Green Monster."
And as if I didn't already adore her, she took her awesomeness to another level when we had a free night to roam the streets of Boston.  We ate delicious food, had some drinks, and took pictures.  These pictures were not just any pictures though, she took my kind of pictures.  Taking pictures of funny things is at the top of our tourist list.

This is why we are friends.

The day before my 30th birthday we had a meeting so I got to see JoAwesome for an hour or so. 
Just enough to keep me going until the next time.

When the trip had to end, we took a cab ride to the airport.  We crammed in the backseat with more people than I think was actually allowed and proceeded to pray the whole way through our nervous laughter.  See, we got the cab driver that you thought only existed in movies.  The man was dodging and weaving but never seemed to break.  I think we needed to get to the airport in a hurry, but not as much of a hurry as he seemed to think we needed.  It may be my imagination, but I could have sworn people were jumping out of the way on a sidewalk and pigeons parted like the Red Sea as he blared his horn in hopes for a big tip.  I think the tears flowing during our laughter were welling up from regret that we had not called our loved ones before getting in his cab.  We made it through our harrowing experience with nothing but emotional scars.

After a fun trip like that, work was never the same.  We were on a "new friendship" high.  We were a long distance support system via email.  We relived our time in Boston through funny pictures and retelling exaggerated highlights.

Another meeting.  Tiny sombreros were optional, but not for us. 
When you see a tiny sombrero, you wear a tiny sombrero.

We got to see each other for a few moments during meetings, but it was not enough time to make memories like those we achieved in Boston.  Never the less, our friendship has grown.  Life has brought us each some sadness but also immeasurable blessings.

Louis is just one of those kids you fall in love with instantly.

I was so proud of JoAwesome when she quit smoking and reached her year anniversary of doing so.  I wrote her a ridiculous poem and had another friend show up at her office and read it to her.  I squealed and cried as I scrolled through a power point presentation she made to announce she was pregnant.  (I forgot to mention her amazing talent for power point slide shows.  They were, by far, the highlight of my work day when I had the privilege to receive them.)  I was so excited to finally meet JoAwesome's ADORABLE son, Louis, when she came to the KC Zoo while I was in town for my high school reunion.

This kid was born awesome.
Rylee managed to con JoAwesome into buying her a penguin.

The moment I felt friendship in a way I had never experienced was at my brother's memorial service.  JoAwesome had never met my brother, but she came to the service for me.  It was a moment I realized I didn't have to have the right words to say.  Saying thank you was all that I knew how to do.  Sometimes you just have to accept someone loving you even if you have nothing in return.
We are so hot.  No really, it was really hot that day.

And that's where I've been these last months with all the packages I've received.  I am overwhelmed by the excitement people are feeling for me, for my family.  I can and will send thank you notes, but they just don't do justice conveying what I feel.