Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in my day...

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's time to put Rylee to bed. Sometimes we let her play with the iPod we bought for the family. The biggest reason we bought the contraption was for the applications you can download that are learning tools for toddlers. Rylee excels at all of them, so I'm thinking we'll have to find some new apps soon. And when I say sometimes we let her play with it, I mean it's Friday night, John and I are exhausted from the week and we need to decompress. We send Rylee into her room a half hour before bedtime and let her play games or watch UP. She's very good about handing over the iPod when she's supposed to. She seems to be in a good mood when we let her fiddle with it too. A three year-old in a good mood before bedtime is a very good thing. Honestly she uses it the most, I've picked it up a hand full of times at most.

John and I sneak up to her door and push it open quietly. Rylee is engrossed in the movie, UP, and doesn't even notice us standing there until John says, "You know you're pretty lucky to have something so cool to play with. Your mommy and I never had anything like that when we were kids."
Rylee says, "Yea!" She doesn't get it of course, but she agrees.
I say, "I didn't even have fun band-aids." (She currently has a band-aid on each knee due to a little stumble in the school parking lot.)
Rylee says, "You can have one of mine!"
John and I start laughing.

We proceed forth in our team effort to get her ready for bed. It takes two of us on a Friday night due to our lack of energy. We have some good laughs, and by good I mean Rylee was hysterically laughing because I asked if she put wood chips from the playground in her underwear. I said, "What's all over your butt?!" The word butt will send a three year-old into a knee slapping can't catch your breath giggle fest. So of course John just can't help himself and he keeps saying butt. Rylee keeps laughing so John and I keep laughing. Round and round we go, how it stopped nobody knows!

Anyhoo, all this made me reflect on how blessed I am to have such a fun family. I am so blessed to know my parents and have a relationship with them. I know so many people who don't know one or more of their parents and it makes me sad every-time I think about it. My mom didn't really have the chance to know her mom, neither did my Aunt Rita. My cousins didn't really get to know their father. My dad isn't sure where he comes from. Some people would say you're not supposed to talk about these things because of the pain it brings to hear it. I think if we talk about it healing will come.

I have always wanted to know my family's history. Well, maybe not history, just all their names at the least. It's funny how we watch TV and are being told what we should desire. Things, they're just things. The things I truly desire can't be bought. I want to be able to give my daughter a family tree, a full healthy not missing any major limbs or branches or leaves kind of family tree. I want the roots of that tree to go deep into her life.

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