Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks Dad

A friend on Facebook asked, "What's your favorite memory with your dad?" This caught me off guard, it felt like the memories that came rushing into my head knocked me off my feet. How blessed I am to have too many memories to pick just one favorite!

I have the fuzziest memory of my dad taking me out in the ocean on his surfboard. I don't remember actually riding in on what I can assume was a small wave, but I do remember feeling completely safe. Nothing would happen because Dad was there.

I remember hunting on Mt. Alamo with my dad. I almost froze to death that night. I also remember needing my dad's help to pee in the forest because I had never tried peeing in the woods just standing up. My dad held my hands as I leaned back and the image of this struck me so funny while I was doing it that I started hysterically laughing, thus spraying my dad's shoes and obliterating any chance of actually killing a wild animal due to the racket I was making. The more my dad told me to "Shhhh!" the harder I laughed.

I remember my dad taking me to buy a violin and then taking me to my first violin lesson. We had no money to spare but my dad kept reassuring me he would figure it out. He knew how excited I was to learn how to play the violin. I gave it up, I felt too guilty about the money being spent. To this day it's my biggest regret that I didn't stick to it.

You'd think my dad walking me down the aisle would be on the top of the list. Don't get me wrong, I love that memory, sort of. It's just that I have a hard time remembering it because I was so nervous! What I do remember is dancing with my dad at my wedding. I saw him smile when he heard the song I picked for us to dance to, "Surfer Girl" by the Beach Boys. We were dancing, I started crying, and then I pulled a handkerchief from between my cleavage to dry my eyes. My dad looked startled, and I exclaimed, "It's the only place I could put it!" He started hysterically laughing.

More recently my favorite memories with my dad include my daughter. The day my parents saw Rylee for the first time was so emotionally intense. The joy I saw on their faces, erupting from their hearts, well, it overwhelms me still. Yea, that was a mom and dad memory, who cares.



One time my parents came to visit Texas. We all went to the park and my dad went down the slide with Rylee. I have that on video and I never get tired of watching it. I can play that memory any time I feel like it.

I guess a memory that's climbing the charts is taking Rylee to the beach for the first time. I held one of Rylee's hands and my dad held her other hand. My whole family was there to see Rylee walk into the ocean for the first time, something we grew up doing. I was so grateful my dad could be there to let Rylee know she was safe just like he had done for me.


  1. You are so blessed to have such an incredible dad, and it's an honor to call him my friend! (Happy Father's Day R.(dad)!

    And happy Father's Day to you too, John!

  2. Aw, I love you Jess! And I love my Uncle Rick!! His hugs are so warm and safe. The sound of his voice is so comforting and so full of love. I remember one time he told my mom when I was little that I should consider modeling. That made me feel so beautiful and so special. My uncle is such an amazing man!!! I love him sooo much!!
    Love with all my heart,

  3. This is beautiful Jessica!

    My father passed away when I was young so I don’t have many memories of him, just little snapshot like moments that stand out in my mind. I remember flying with him in a plane, we flew over our house and I waved at Mama in the backyard. When we played hide-n-seek he always hid in the same place. He could always found our pet cat when she was missing and he would bring Lance Peanut Bar’s home from work, but the one thing that stands out most of all is not a memory but a feeling. I remember always feeling safe and loved.