Sunday, January 29, 2017

She's Been Here for a Decade

She came into this world ten years ago and smiled right away. She has changed our lives in the most amazing ways. 

She has a tremendous capacity for empathy. Her heart is so big, but 'big' seems like such a small word to describe it. She hurts when there is injustice. 

I made a charm out of this picture and I always wear it on her birthday.

She loves her brother and fiercely protects him, when he isn't driving her crazy. Her wit makes me laugh harder than I am expecting. 

She has been forming friendships, that increase with value to her, everyday.
She has been physically growing into a young lady this past year
and it has been difficult some days, awkward on others. 


She is learning she can trust mom and dad with embarrassing questions. My God, she asks the best questions! Sometimes I am completely thrown off guard by her level of curiosity. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed that she is asking about such adult topics. But I am glad she feels safe to ask them. 

Her artistic talent and the imagination that fuels it is astonishing.
I am trying to not underestimate her. 

She has been the best big sister from the moment Jack arrived.
I caught a sweet moment where she was helping Jack brush his teeth.

She has days where she forgets to make good choices and it is hard for us as parents to not lose our cool. We are definitely guilty of that.
But we also have to remind ourselves that she is still learning and her maturity, while ahead of her peers, is still in a kid's body. 

I love this caught off guard moment. She was brushing her hair.

Lastly I have to say, she is stunning. I know I am her mom, so I must be biased, but seriously, she is gorgeous! She has a style all her own and I adore it so much! I am happy to oblige helping her discover her personality by expressing herself through her appearance. It's part of growing up! I am relieved she has so much confidence. On the days it is shaken, I am glad she turns to me for encouragement. I am so incredibly blessed to be Rylee's mom.
I am thankful to God for bringing her to us!

This is definitely in my top five favorite photos I have taken of my beautiful daughter.

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  1. That is a seriously incredible picture of a seriously incredible young lady!